Convenient payments that help your clients in the diaspora

paytumi gives potential and existing clients in the diaspora a viable option for channelling remittances towards the savings and investment goals that accompany these flows of money. Paytumi removes the trust barriers that clients may have when they cannot deal directly with your business.

Paytumi is good for business

You will increase your customer base by showing your customers a unique payment option that brings them the control and transparency they have been looking for. Paytumi merchant programs cater for the full omnichannel platform including e-commerce and stores.

Fast-track your revenue goals with a tailor made payment program

Earn in the currency paid

No conversions. You receive the full amount in nostro.

Accelerate customer acquisition

Paytumi has an existing database of over 100,000+ clients that will immediately be available for you to market your product to. By having this payment option on your eCommerce platform, you open up your business to discovery by high-intent clients.

Keep your customers coming back

Offering the convenience of paytumi gives your business an edge, increasing customer satisfaction and retention.

A simple integration. A better way to earn nostro

No matter what platform your business runs on, getting started with paytumi is easy – and we are here to help.


Choose what works best for your business, whether its integration with an eCommerce platform or direct invoicing.

We help take on risk, our KYC process at verification stage means the money always comes through. The Access Forex KYC process is supported by our ADLA and MTA Licence which are regulated by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe and the United Kingdom Financial Conduct Authority respectively.

We pay you up front as per the agreed terms. You can track your account online at your convenience and have a real- time view of how much is in your account.

Our dedicated team is ready to walk you through the terms of using paytumi. From sign-up to launch, integration is simple.