Why Paytumi

Paytumi is a better way to pay.

One specifically designed to help you achieve the goals you have set for yourself back home while giving you full control of the process. With paytumi, you’ll never wonder where the money you sent home went. Instead, you’ll always get a flexible, transparent, and convenient way to do the things you want to do back home.


More transparent than sending someone to pay for you

We charge less than it would cost you to remit money to a friend or relative. No additional fees of any kind. You are eliminating having to rely on a third person to run around for you and you can easily keep track of the things you need.

Paytumi gets you the best deal.

Negotiating prices over the phone or on email can sometimes be difficult. paytumi has already done the heavy lifting for you and the paytumi price always has a discount. When you pay using paytumi, you are getting the best deal in town, and the saving goes straight into your pocket and no-one else’s.

Paytumi helps you invest back home

paytumi focuses on products and services that are in the investments category. It is a payment option but it also serves as a project manager, by working with the remitter, step by step, to achieve their set investment objectives, whether it is building a home, starting a small business project, ensuring your elderly loved ones have reliable health insurance and other investment instruments.

Paytumi puts the DIY in remittances.

When you are far from home, paytumi puts you in control. Keep your investments and projects confidential by removing the need for a runner or middleman. With paytumi you deal direct.