Everyone sending money back home has a story to tell

See how paytumi has changed the way people see remittances – and themselves.

“I have been working as a caregiver in the UK for the last 28 years and I want to build a retirement home in Mhondoro but no longer have any family that lives in Zimbabwe to do the running around for me. I have started using paytumi to organize all the inputs that I need for my kumusha.”


“When I came back to Zimbabwe to visit my mother, I was shocked to discover that the money I had been sending to purchase medicine was used to buy my cousins wife a new car. Thanks to paytumi I have put her on full medical aid that covers everything and no one can misuse the money.”


“I love my family but you can’t leave an important decision about your future to someone else. I live in Manchester but I run a small tuckshop in the neighbourhood my children back home live in. It helps pay for my children’s school fees in Zimbabwe. Using paytumi I can handle the restock payments from here.”


“I couldn’t be in Zimbabwe for my husband’s 50th birthday but I wanted to surprise him by renovating the kitchen. I used paytumi to have all the supplies delivered right to our family home.”