Control the money you send home

Use paytumi to pay for the important things you need done in Zimbabwe. It replaces the need to send money to a relative or friend. Paytumi guarantees that the money you send is used for the intended purpose. Build your retirement home, drill a borehole at the farm, pay Gogo’s medical aid. It’s now all possible. Pay to me and relax.
No middlemen, no runners, no hidden costs.


Frequently Asked Questions

paytumi services are classified under remittances so you need to be registered on the Access Forex remittance platform to use the service.

No. paytumi is available only to clients registered as remitters with Access Forex.

It is absolutely FREE to register with Access Forex and to sign-up for the paytumi service. This is a value added service Access Forex is offering to all its clients.

More and more stores are offering paytumi as a payment option at checkout. But if you don’t see us at checkout, you can still pay using paytumi. Just go through the verification and sign-up process and then ask your store for a paytumi price and invoice. If your favourite is not on our list of merchants just send us an email and we will get them onboard.

You can use your Access Forex account to send any amount to Zimbabwe.

Both the verification and sign-up process take less than 5 minutes.

If you live in the UK, you will need the following for a full KYC verification:
1.A picture of your UK Driver's License OR Passport
2. Proof of residence
3. Email address
4. UK mobile number.

Simply click on the paytumi tab on the Access Forex website and follow the easy steps to sign up. You will not need any documents because you have already provided these during verification.

Paytumi gives you access to products and services which promote investment focused remittances for people living in the diaspora.

On our KYC Lite platform you can register with just your UK cellphone number and date of birth. If you would like to transfer amounts above the GBP500 limit than the you will need a picture of your Driver's License or passport, proof of residence, your email address and mobile number. Please call our contact centre on +448708200854 for assistance.

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